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CowsOur beef comes from happy, healthy animals, supports a local, sustainable, family farm, and tastes amazing.  Our cows are rotationally grazed through lush pastures and are supplemented only with certified organic mineral and salt.  Recent research has shown that grass-fed beef is low in saturated fat, high in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and high in cancer-fighting CLA’s and omega-3 fatty acids.   Our hotdogs and sausages are MSG and nitrate free and are made with organic seasonings.  Although our farm is not certified organic, we always use organic farming practices and never use any  hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s, toxic chemicals, or feedlots.  Know your farmer, love your food!

Reserve your beef order now with a $100. deposit.  Beef will be available for pickup from St. Joe’s Country Market in mid-December.

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